Review – Bee Happy Play Cafe – Peterlee

We were very lucky to be invited along to the VIP opening event for the shiny new Bee Happy Play Cafe in Peterlee.

First impressions – what an amazing space! The room is huge whilst still feeling cozy and welcoming, and it’s filled with so many wonderful things to explore! My children are 1 and 3 and both had an absolute ball!

There is a specific area for under 1’s (not so good for my boisterous pair 😂). This lovely corner of the room has a gorgeous sensory feel to it – lots of stimulating monochrome for little ones, plenty of soft and squishy surfaces, comfy sofas for nursing mums (🙌) and a plethora of toys which are perfect for little hands and curious exploring eyes.

Baby area
Baby area

The rest of the room is also split up into sections, with different themes to amuse any child –

The central focal point of the room has to be the quirky pentagon shaped soft play area – both kids enjoyed climbing up the steps and fling themselves down the slide (backwards for my one year old, and a leap of faith for the three year old) luckily the landing is also nice and squishy 😂

Soft play area

The climbers and explorers will love the Plum climbing centre – perfect for little legs, it come with a ramp, mini climbing wall, a rope ladder, slide and a cheeky little den to hide in! This area also features a selection of seesaws for all ages, and fun balancing activities

Climbing frame
Climbing frame and balancing equipment

For quiet and curious kids there’s an absolutely gorgeous sensory corner – with a large and perfectly toddler sized table packed with bright, colourful, noisy and tactile goodies to explore. There’s also a fantastic wall filled with all manner of spinning and noise making activities – a huge hit with my 1 year old!

Sensory corner

If you fancy a bit of downtime after all the climbing and sliding then why not cosy up in the sweet little reading corner – a haven of comfy chairs and cushions, racks and racks of lovely books and a mesmerising bubble tube filled with a rainbow of colourful fish.

If all that play has worked up an appetite then you can grab a bite to eat from the very reasonably priced cafe – we ordered two (very generous and very scrummy) slices of cake (which the kids also snaffled) and two very nice coffees (gingerbread latte for mummy, standard) all for under £10! The sandwiches on the next table looked super tasty, and if I wasn’t in a complete cake coma I would have been sorely tempted by the corned beef pie on the specials board!

Children’s seating area

Even this area of the cafe is set up perfectly to meet the needs of parents. There’s a charging station for phones (helpfully at a safe distance from prying hands!) a sanitation station (cause kids = beautiful germ factories), and a quite craft area to keep the little ones happy and in sight while parents refuel on much needed caffeine and carbs!!

All in all we had a fantastic time, and the two hours we were there absolutely flew by!

Entry for under 5’s costs £4.95, and for under 1’s it’s £3.50.

We can’t wait to go back 🙂

Book now via their facebook page.

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